PE School’s Curricula

There are two levels of training in the PE School: an in-depth full-time one year training programme and a cycle of short-term intensive training programmes for various professional groups in both governmental and non-governmental sectors of the country.

The full-time programme is the main training programme for the future Peace Engineers upon completion of which participants can receive either a qualification certificate of a Peace Engineer (green) or certificate of participation.

Short-time intensive training programmes are designed for representatives of governmental and public sectors of the country which are directly or indirectly involved in deescalation of tensions in the society and increase of social solidarity.

In both programmes, mainly international, but also Ukrainian trainers are engaged, teaching techniques of dialogue facilitation, mediation, negotiation activities and other subjects, and most importantly — they share personal experience of implementing the process of nonviolent communication in life.

For more information about the short-term intensive training programme, read the news article“Peace Engineers School Opens the Doors for Participants of Professional Track”