Intensive Training Program for Professionals (Track 2)

Peace Engineers School has started a training targeted at the professionals of the governmental sphere and leaders of NGOs (Track 2 for part-timers). It’s an additional program of the Peace Engineers School, developed specifically for the specialists of the governmental sphere (1 group) and activists of the NGOs (2 group).

The purpose of the study lies in the improvement of the professional skills using peace-building techniques. Priority regions as to the geography of the students of the Track 2 are Donetsk and Luhansk regions, and Kyiv city as well.

Training Course (Track 2) will last till November 14, 2018. Training modules were conducted in Kyiv and held at the House of Peace Engineers, The duration of the training planned were four days every month during throughout 4 modules.

The Training programme of Track 2 is compiled with the general subjects of Peace Engineers School, focusing on restorative justice. Experienced trainers from Europe and the USA will hold classes on the dialogue facilitation techniques, mediation, negotiations, and related activities, the basis of the Non-Violent Communication and restorative justice.

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