Evaluation of Participants of the Full-Time Training Programme

Evaluation* of participants of the full-time training programme is conducted in order to track the learning progress by the participants themselves as well as the organizers of the PE School. Elements of evaluation: mid-term and final (qualification) exams.

Mid-term exam is taken at the end of the training period and before the period of practical training.
The results of the mid-term exam determine whether the participant continues the training at the School.
Components of the mid-term exam: written test+.

The final exam is taken by the students at the end of the practical training, in the end of the term, in order to receive a qualification of a Peace Engineer (green) or a certificate of participation (chocolate).
Components of the final exam: written test, role-play games, qualification interview.

* Information is given from the experience of the previous project. In the current project, some conditions and components might be slightly changed.