The idea of such a program emerged about a 3 years ago, in 2014, from the critical need for a peaceful settlement of conflicts and reconciliation in various spheres and at different levels of our society.

Recently, many people in Ukraine have lost hope for both peace and healthy processes of development of the country.

In order to resolve the situation, the country needs more dedicated local specialists with powerful knowledge and skills in the field of building peace, which will be able to lead, pointing out the path to understanding and peaceful development.

We call such people "Peace Engineers" (in the Ukrainian language they are known as "Engineers of the Understanding")

Our team has invested a lot of resources and efforts in creating the space in which such specialists, future peace engineers, could form.

The training within the framework of the "Peace Engineers" program took place in Kyiv within one calendar year and included a joint stay in the integrated community of participants and trainers.