What Peace Engineering?

By the word combination Peace Engineering we mean a broad set of methodologies aimed at one thing: the restoration, building up and preservation of peace in the community, which ultimately leads to peace in the whole country.

A graduate of a full-time curriculum that is masters in building peace through rehabilitation of social ties in communities is called the Peace Engineer. Ultimately, Peace engineers are experts in the field of peacebuilding through the establishment of mutual understanding and cooperation between the parties in the conflict.
Peace Engineers have the following skills:

Facilitate dialogues to rebuild human relationships after the violent conflict
Act as mediators in conflicts with a view to restrain or preventing violence
Hold talks to build peaceful communities
Develop projects to strengthen peaceful cooperation
Conduct trainings and consultations for this activity for others

We anticipate that upon completion of the curriculum, Peace Engineers will work locally in the regions in order to support local communities in the process of restoring social ties, to peacefully resolve existing conflicts, and to strengthen cooperation to prevent future crises.

In order to achieve this, Peace Engineers need to have knowledge and skills at both the micro and the macro levels. In the "Training Program" section you will find information on mediation, dialogue facilitation, neuroscience, negotiation, coaching, project management, and other school subjects.

At the micro level, Engineers of the Understanding work with the psycho-emotional recovery of persons who are in crisis because of experience of violence or conflict, prepare them for a reconciliation process and the restoration of the inner peace for the successful continuation of life and development.

At the macro level, Undergraduate Engineers study and analyze the causes and drivers of conflict, plan and implement the strategic and tactical intervention that, in the conditions of success, will foster cooperation, reduce the level of violence and damage caused by the conflict.