A column by Olena Hantsyak-Kaskiv in Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper

“I am very pleased that today the concept of peace, as well as the process of its creation and expansion are being significantly reconsidered in the country, which urges us to understand its meaning more deeply. Peace ceases to be synonymous with the loss of national identity or surrendering the country, and for most residents of the country understanding of peace cannot be replaced anymore, for what a price they paid to feel its true meaning!”

· Oleh Ivanov — Peace Engineer on the radio programme “Donbass. Realia”: Ways to resolve conflicts on the demarcation line.

Without aggression or exaggeration: 60 minutes about the most important matters for Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Oleh Ivanov: “We must hear the other’s needs, consider them and try to help.”

· Interview with Victoriia Preobrazhenska, Peace Engineer of the 1 st wave

When we think about another person, about their needs, we already move away from the enemy image, from dehumanisation which damage our sense of empathy. This, among other things, allows us to build healthy relationships, despite the fact that we are all different… Without judgement or valuations, talking about what we see, interpreting our own as well as other’s needs and emotions, observing… What should nonviolent communication be like in order to prevent conflicts and what can help come to an understanding? Listen about this in the podcast.

· Peace Engineer Victoriia Preobrazhenska on the Ukrainian Radio Kharkiv’s “Vidkrytyi dostup” (Open access) talk show about Peace Engineers School, project “Direct action of Peace Engineers”

· Peace Engineers Carl Plesner and Olena Hantsyak: “Reconciliation does not mean denial of justice”

“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures.” John F Kennedy.