Oleksandr Chernukha

Kharkiv city

Personal identification number (PEID): PE2/7-18

Peace Engineer, dialogue facilitator, conflict mediator for ending or preventing violence, associate member of the NGO Ukrainian society of specialists on overcoming the consequences of traumatic events.

In the field of Peace Engineering, he worked with conflicts in the community between representatives of local governments and Roma community, activists and the police, pupils of different schools on matters of social inclusion of people with disabilities and LGBT visibility.

He had experience in supervising meetings for foster parents, caregivers and co-dependent families.

Oleksandr conducted dialogues on gender equality and achieving mutual understanding between subjects of social work.

He also dealt with socialising people who returned from the war zone.

Tel.: +380 50 325 87 76, +380 68 186 41 14
E-mail: alcher1960@gmail.com