Olha Shapoval

Izium town, Kharkiv oblast

Personal identification number (PEID): PE3/7-18

Peace Engineer, dialogue facilitator, mediator in conflicts for ending or preventing violence, facilitator in the "Active citizens" programme, psychologist.

In the capacity of a Peace Engineer, she has experience of organising and conducting dialogue meetings between teachers, parents of schoolchildren, public organisations.
Since 2015, she's worked in the field of prevention and resistance to domestic violence.
Since 2018, she's worked as a facilitator for the "Active citizens" programme by the British Council in Ukraine.
Olha has experience working with children and teenagers who found themselves in difficult circumstances, for building dialogue and teaching them the basics of nonviolent communication.
She also has experience in conducting workshops on conflict management and prevention, on inclusion in local communities.

Tel.: +380 50 993 5125
E-mail: ol.shka87@gmail.com