Viktoriia Preobrazhenska

Kharkiv city

Personal identification number (PEID): PE1/7-18

Peace Engineer, mediator, dialogue facilitator, trainer, joker at a Forum Theatre, facilitator for "Active citizens" programme, mentor.

Viktoriia has been working in the field of Peace Engineering for conflict resolution in communities between activists and police, representatives of local governing and Roma community, with issues of social inclusion of people with disabilities and provision visibility to the concerns of LGBT people; had an experience of "field" work in cases of event-blocking by radical-minded people, clashes between political opponents during the celebration of the 9th of May, initiated and conducted dialogues on the subject of gender equality; also worked for reaching mutual understanding between subjects of social work, self-organisation and local governing institutions, building constructive dialogue within joint local community between local governing institutions, activists and cultural workers.

Since 2015, she's been working as a mediator and gained experience of conflict transformation in schools and communities. Since 2014, she's been working as a trainer in the following subjects: human rights, gender equality, fighting human trafficking and domestic violence. Since 2015 – a joker at a Forum Theatre. Since 2016 – a facilitator in the "Active citizens" programme by the British Council in Ukraine. Viktoriia has experience of mentoring initiatives by women who experienced internal displacement; coordinated a project "IDPs and hosting communities: building tolerance through dialogue" implemented by the ICF Ukraininan Women's Fund in Kharkiv oblast in 2016-2019.

* Intends to work in the separation zone and the "grey zone" to establish mutual understanding between local residents and the military.

Tel.: +380 95 415 22 77

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