Yuliia Kolesnyk


Personal identification number (PEID): PE1/11-18

Peace Engineer, dialogue facilitator, facilitator of the "Active citizens" programme, mentor.

As mentor of the programme "School 3.0 Joint communities," she facilitates strategic sessions in schools, helps to transform groups of teachers into teams, provides mentoring and supervision during implementation of new school practices.

Since 2018, she's been working with Joint local community of Odesa oblast in the field of social development, building multicultural dialogue, planning social action projects within the frame of "Active citizens" program.

In 2017-2018, she worked in the field of Peace Engineering for conflict resolution in communities between representatives of local governing and the Roma community, organised and facilitated dialogues for building constructive interaction between activists, teachers and representatives of local self-government.

Tel.: +380 50 143 06 84
E-mail: yuliia.kolesnyk@oa.edu.ua