Our space

The House (PE training center)

The training process took place on the basis of a house located in a private sector near the pine forest of 20 km. away the center of Kiev. This was a four-storey building capable of housing more than 20 participants with a total area of 650 m2. It also had a small garden, an outdoor swimming pool, and an artesian well. Participants lived in this training center (men and women lived in separate rooms), jointly studying and organizing their own routines. This format had been chosen in order to fully immerse the participants in the atmosphere of the PE School, as well as to create a community spirit that should foster the formation of future Peace Engineers.

During the educational process, the school provided participants with meals. such as lunch and dinner. The breakfasts and snacks were organized by the participants who had their duties within their self-organized groups. The cost of food and basic necessities were covered by the School. Additional items of personal use might be purchased by participants from funds received on a monthly basis in the form of charitable monetary compensation.