Certificates of the PE School

Peace Engineers School Graduates obtain 2 types of certificates: Qualification Certificate of a Peace Engineer (“Green” certificate) or Certificate of Participation in the Peace Engineers School (“Chocolate” certificate).

The School also uses another form of a document confirming the participation in the project — a reference (see the description in the bottom of the page).

A Qualification Certificate of a Peace Engineer (“Green” certificate) is a personalized numbered qualification document issued for the participants of the PE School who passed the final exam (all its parts) with a passing score and thereby acquired a status of a Peace Engineer with the relevant recommendations from partners and trainers of the project for the further work in the field of peace-building within their communities and in Ukraine in general. This document also includes a double-sided supplementary sheet with the graduate’s ID number containing information about the subjects attended during the training period and extra modules (if any), number of training hours, names of traineres of the PE School and a glossary of the project. Each page of the document contains the name, surname and unique identification number of its owner. The document is executed in the School’s corporate style and certified by the signatures of the project’s partners.

The Green certificate of a PE (including the supplementary sheet), unlike the Certificate of Participation, contains a unique ID number of a Peace Engineer which is used in identification documents and fulfils the function of authenticity verification of a Peace Engineer.

Sample of a Peace Engineer Qualification Certificate*

*To illustrate the Green certificate, we used the layout of a real Peace Engineer certificate from the first wave of graduates, with their consent.

Certificate of Participation in the Peace Engineers School ("Chocolate" certificate) is a document certifying participation in the project, which is issued for the PE School graduates who were either physically present during the final exam and passed it with a non-passing score or came to the conclusion with the examining board to not take part in the exam, but had a qualifying interview and instead of the status of a Peace Engineer acquired the status of a PE School attendant. This document also includes a double-sided supplementary sheet containing information about the subjects attended during the training period and extra modules (if any), number of training hours, names of trainers of the PE School and a glossary of the project. Each page of the document contains the name and surname of its owner. The document is executed in the School's corporate style and certified by the signatures of the project's partners.

Sample of a certificate of participation in the Peace Engineers School

Sample of a double-sided supplementary sheet to the Green and Chocolate certificates

Reference is the simplest type of a document that is issued to the participants of the PE School in case of early termination of their participation; it contains information about the subjects attended before termination: names of the subjects, names of trainers, number of training hours and terms of the project. Reference is certified by the signatures of the project's partners.

The reference is given to the participants who cancelled their participation in the PE School due to one of the following reasons:
a) failed to pass a mid-term exam at the PE School with a passing score or was not present at a mid-term exam without notifying the organizers of the School;
b) was not present at their group's final exam or, in case of its postponement, failed to pass it at the time previously agreed on with the organizers;
c) by choice;
d) due to violation of the principles/ terms of participation in the PE School