Terms of participation

The competition for participation in the  ‘Peace Engineers’  School was opened to all interested and motivated individuals from various areas. In the selection process, preference was given to candidates from Donetsk, Lugansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Odesa and Kyiv regions.

We expect that candidates selected for participation at School will:

· be highly motivated to become professionals in the field of peacebuilding and restoring connections between conflicting parties,

· be ready to devote their time to studying and practice during one calendar year,

· have a desire to practice acquired skills and knowledge in their communities,

· be ready to live in the house together with other participants of the program,

· be in good physical and psychological state.

Our training program is free of charge, and we expect that participants will contribute their time, perseverance and diligence to the program.

The ‘Peace Engineers’ School provides full occupation for participants during the calendar year. Therefore, participants will not be able to combine a job with learning or work within the program. We expect participants to devote themselves to the educational process. Trainings (first 4 months) are aimed at developing not only individual skills but also the creation of a community. While staying in a training center, participants will study together and distribute and share housework, including cleaning, preparing dinner, gardening. After the training cycle, during the cycles of practical work, the sense of community will be preserved through mutual feedback and collaborative work.