Peace Engineers School

The idea of such a programme emerged out of the critical need for peaceful settlement of conflicts and reconciliation in various spheres and at different levels of our society.

Many people in Ukraine lost their hope for peace and healthy development in the country. To limit the damage, this country needs more local experts dedicated to their profession, with powerful knowledge and skills in the field of peacebuilding, who are able to lead others by showing them the way to mutual understanding and sustainable peaceful development. We call such experts Peace Engineers.

We have put a lot of effort and resources to create the Environment which could produce such experts – future Peace Engineers. The main training programme "Peace Engineers" takes place in Kyiv city and lastsone calendar year. During the training days the participants and the trainers live together as an integrated community.

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Peace Engineer is an expert in the field of peacemaking who can:

  • facilitate a dialogue for renewal of social relations after destructive conflicts
  • act as a mediator during destructive conflicts in order to stop or prevent escalation and violence
  • carry on negotiations in order to initiate or restore peaceful prossesses in the communities
  • develop projects for strengthening peaceful cooperation in the communities of different regions of the country
  • run workshops, consultations and supervision in this field of activities

The experience gained at the PE School will help you:

  • know, develop and assert your personal, professional and leadership virtues
  • be able to distinguish between needs and strategies
  • be able to transform strategies of violence into strategies of cooperation
  • feel the harmony and help spreading it into different areas of life: in personal or family life, among colleagues or in the community
  • to bring valuable achievements into your professional community/ society/ country through peaceful conflicts settlement and promotion of peaceful development processes in various areas of social life

Peace Engineers School offers:

· Accommodation within the School's community during the whole training period in order to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of learning

· Cost-free education: 5 months of training sessions with recognized international experts and 7 months of intensive hands-on training within your own community

· Support and supervision at the beginning of applying acquired knowledge within your communities and teams

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